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(6) Switch Blades ( Racer Deal )

(6) Switch Blades ( Racer Deal )

The Switch Blade Fire Extinguisher Mount is not just the fastest releasing fire extinguisher mount on the market it is the only one handed release mount on the market. When fire is involved, speed and reliability are paramount.

The Switch Blade Fire Extinguisher Mount is unique in that when you pull the release pin with one had, you have the extinguisher with you ready to address the issue at hand.  All other fire extinguisher mounts on the market require 2 hands to properly operate–hold the extinguisher in one hand and pull the release with the other.

We have vigorously tested this mount in some of the toughest and most demanding offroad races in the world: King of the Hammers, Baja 1000, Mint 400, NORRA 1000 with no failures, the mount was still easily removable and did not seize like some other designs that rely on a pin with a detent ball.  The center groove keeps both halves aligned and free of slop.  The recess on the  bottom keeps the mount centered on the tube and the top recess keep the extinguisher centered and secure.

  • Can be bolted to optional chassis tabs, optional billet tube clamps or fastened with a worm gear clamp which can be sourced at most hardware stores(we strongly recommend quality Ideal or similar Made in USA stainless hose clamps).
  • MADE IN USA with virgin USA MADE 6061 T6 aluminium, and the finish is raw/uncoated.
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